Lirik Lagu Kid Ink - Dream Big (Freestyle) Lyrics

[Intro: Kid Ink]


[Verse 1: Kid Ink]

Okay, right off top take one to the head no warning

Shot live fast die young don't morn'

If I dont make it through the night

Or should I say the morning?

Beast mode how a nigga feel in this moment

Made my mind I make history

Now I make it rain cause I made it through the storm

Storm in the buildin like shit is my apartment

Meant it when I said it I need a minute to we finish

Section so deep, motherfucker barely fittin'

Feelin myself, fuck a hater nigga feelings

Fill up my cup, to the motherfuckin' ceilin'

Better cop your chick before I Pittsburgh Steel-her nigga

All on my old shit, you old niggas expired

It keeps my inspired, stay rollin' up fire

Been cookin' no timer, no time outs a time off

Off then we passing around money like off rim

Bossin' in this bitch, boss bitch know how to work

Work hard for the money baby shit could be worse

Worst lie I ever told, was that I wasnt the truth

Truth to be told, I never seen a loss or a truth too

Loose blunt hittin' like a train choo choo

Proof shows aint nothing unless I really got a ...

Still sleeping on me now, I'mma ring the alarm

Right along with the bomb, I'mma drop on your noggin

[Bridge: Kid Ink]

Man Im just tryna double up though

Douple cup dont my double up flow

[Hook: Kid Ink]

Got two in the air two eyes to the throne

Cant have too much, need more

All I know is dream big and live large

All I know is dream big and live large

All I know is dream big and live large

All I know is dream big, we livin' large motherfucker look

Lyrics: Lirik Lagu Kid Ink - Dream Big (Freestyle) Lyrics
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